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Steel structures
and their parts

  • milling - we offer a milling service on a conventional machine for various types of materials in the x – 550 mm, y – 150 mm range;
  • CNC turning - on the Haas ST 25 Y machine with a 76 mm spindle passage, range of motion in the axes z - 570 mm, x - 213 mm, y - 51 mm and positioning accuracy +/- 0.005 mm;
  • sheet metal bending on a CNC press brake - we offer the service of bending elements on a Trumpf press brake. This machine is characterized by extraordinary precision and repeatability;
  • laser sheet metal cutting;
  • welding - MIG/TIG welding methods;
  • assembly - apart from the preparation of construction elements we also provide their assembly;
  • deburring - blunting the edges of elements in order to prepare them for further processing;
  • cutting;
  • drilling, threading;
  • engraving, laser marking - laser marking of products is a method of permanently applying markings for informational, protective or decorative purposes;
  • comprehensive machine construction.